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‘Little sister’ Smriti versus Rahul’s sister

‘Little sister’ Smriti versus Rahul’s sister

Taking a dig at the Gandhis, he said they (Rahul and Priyanka) didn’t even know the names of the villages in Amethi. ‘Everyone trusts his (Rahul’s) sister but I trust my sister (Smriti) more. I sent her here one month ago. Media people should do one thing: Place my sister on one side and Rahul and his entire family on the other and just ask them both to name villages in Amethi,’ he said added. Modi’s presence in Amethi meanwhile annoyed Congress leaders and this was evident when Priyanka Gandhi said feigned ignorance about who her brother Rahul’s rival was in Amethi. Rahul is currently representing the Amethi seat. Attacking Priyanka, Modi said, ‘One of their leaders has the audacity to ask who is Smriti Irani? I will tell you who Smriti Irani is, she is my little sister.’

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