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Literally speaking

Yes, we are now 74 per cent literate, clearly 10 per cent higher than what we were in 2001. But for how long will this harp of the old trumpet continue? When as a nation will we understand that to read and write is not being literate enough? Education is not the manifestation of the what the political class wants it to be. Education in the real sense is about a sound understanding of what transpires around you and how one must make the correct form of comprehension of socio-political and economic problems that ails the country and as an entity, affects a common person too.

When we talk of India being a nation which promises the freedom to express and read and write what one desires to, why then a foreign language should be removed and conveniently be substituted by a language which though is India’s essence but the use of which is certainly not viable in the current scheme of things. Why should a political organisation take the onus of correcting what is being taught to the people of the country, when in hindsight it also knows how righteous its approach is or how diabolical its own sense of perception is? Quality of education- whether basic or higher has been degraded to such an enormous extent that students who are considered as literate are even found wanting as and when they are required to spell out their name or do a basic calculation of two plus two.

The skewed sense of literacy can also be witnessed across India’s geographical expanse too. States like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh continue to flounder while the established bastion of education Kerala has surged even ahead. Why cannot be figures across the country be equal? What different does Kerala do to educate its people and make them one of the most aware citizens of the country? The answer to all this debate lies in growing above from the politics of education. Till the time we will keep fighting as to what is deemed right for students and what is not and what one political party advocates and the other despises, such figures will only remain figures.
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