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Lion encounter with Porini

The sun shows its glory during the day in the conservancies and parks, and disappears across the horizon when night falls, leaving behind a breath of chilly air in the calming sensation of African wilderness. It was an early morning wakeup call at Porini Lion Camp. A tray with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies was slid inside my tent. Getting out of the comfort of a warm
blanket was only do-able with the jug of warm water that was brought in with the tray, and the
anticipation of seeing something out in the plains.

We set out with our guide and spotter for my first experience of game viewing within a conservancy. Our driver slows down, and our spotter takes the binoculars and looks across the horizon. All we can see is a cloud of dust. The binoculars are placed down, and the driver increases his speed. ‘There’s a chase happening over there!’ He says and we accelerate to the spot of the chase. The herds get visible as we get closer. The sound gets louder as the hooves gallop to safety. There is much confusion as we still cannot see the intruder that caused this ruckus with the wildebeests.

The wildebeests are still running and we finally spot the predators. Two sleek coats gleam in the
early morning sun as they make their final jump on one of the shaggy beasts who fell behind. Paws on the body, jaws in the legs, we watch dumbstruck as two lionesses ensure their kill is complete.

The calm descends upon us as we watch the unfolding scene in front of us. Mother nature takes
its course as the pride shares its morning breakfast within the three lionesses and eight cubs.

The author is themarketing executive for Gamewatchers Safaris in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a third generation Kenyan-Indian who, after considerable world travel, has made Kenya her home again. She has a passion for eco-tourism and wildlife conservation, two topics that regularly creep up in her newsletters. In her free time, Aleema is a keen photographer and enjoys fulfilling her New Year’s resolution that she made in the year 2000, to visit one new place every year.
Aleema Noor Mohamed

Aleema Noor Mohamed

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