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Lima draft would lead to weaker deal in Paris: CSE

India has not gained or lost anything in the short term from climate talks here, but will lose in the longer term as the draft deal reached would lead to a much weaker agreement in Paris, triggering increase in extreme weather that will affect billions of poor people globally, a leading Indian advocacy group said.

Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said the the outcome of the Lima conference will not result in an effective climate deal in Paris next year.

‘Lima Call to Climate Action’ is a major setback for an effective climate deal in Paris in 2015,” said Chandra Bhushan, CSE's deputy director general who has been attending the deliberations here in the Peruvian capital said after Negotiators today adopted a compromise draft for national pledges to cut global carbon emissions. The compromise reached following marathon UN climate talks that according to India addressed all of its concerns and paved way for a new ambitious and binding deal to be signed in Paris next year to combat climate change.

“Bad for India. Global warming will increase, India may see more extreme weather events which will affect its poor,” the centre said in a statement. 
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