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Liluah couple’s money siphoned off from SBI’s Fixed Deposit

A Liluah couple lost a thumping amount of Rs 3.70 lakh – their hard earned money saved as a Fixed Deposit in State Bank of India’s (SBI) Liluah Branch.

Debashis and Dola Monia, resident of Howrah’s Liluah had opened a Fixed Deposit two years back with the bank. The amount of the Fixed Deposit was Rs 3.70 lakh which was supposed to become an amount of Rs 4.20 Lakh after the maturity after five years.

The recent cases of ATM frauds made the couple concerned as they walked into their branch to enquiry about their fund. But they were stunned to know that their amount was siphoned off from the account.

In their complaint with the bank, they alleged that the principal amount of Rs 3.70 lakh was withdrawn to their own savings account with SBI Liluah branch without their knowledge. Then the entire amount was taken off by somebody.

The couple do not have any idea about who closed the FD account and took the money to their saving account and later withdrew the money from there as well.

It should be recalled that two more incidents of bank fraud have been reported from the two districts triggering tension among the customers using the ATM facility. Altogether Rs 1.5 lakh has been siphoned off from the SBI account of the two customers each from Murshidabad and South Dinajpur.

Both the victims have told the police that they received phone calls from some persons who introduced themselves as bank employees.

They told the customers that they needed the personal details relating to their account failing to which the ATM facilities would be blocked.

Both the customers eventually shared their personal details with the callers and finally found that money had been withdrawn from their account.

However, the State Bank of India has started investigation in many cases.
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