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LiLo’s dad wants to foot her rehab bills

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael says he will pay the bills for her treatment in rehabilitation centre.

Michael is willing to do anything to get her to return to rehab for a fifth time so she can get her life back on track, reports It was reported that the troubled actress is in debt and can’t afford any medical treatment.

‘If people would stop taking her money, she wouldn’t have an issue. Regardless, the cost of rehab has been taken care of if she wants or agrees to go in,’ the 52-year-old told

‘I believe she wants it, now the ball is in her court! I will arrange for the right treatment and program, for as long as it takes, which is six months or more!

‘Her attorney, David Feldman, with the help of world renowned interventionist, Earl Hightower, has arranged for treatment as well, along with Dr Drew Pinsky’s long term commitment to do the same,’ he added.
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