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LiLo miffed with producers

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who features in Scary Movie 5, is apparently annoyed with the producers for inserting a joke about her probation in the movie.

The movie’s new clip that released Friday shows the troubled 26-year-old actress screaming in horror while watching a fake news clip of her probation being revoked. But Lohan says the clip, which mirrors her real life troubles, wasn’t approved by her. It was supposed to show her watching one of her old movies Herbie: Fully Loaded. According to, producers assured Lindsay that she’d have the final say on what jokes went in — so she was livid when she saw the probation joke instead.

‘Lindsay feels this final joke was meant as payback from producers, all because they blame her for holding up the shoot and trashing her trailer. She plans to speak to her team this week over the alleged breach of contract,’ said a source.

The working script for the movie is said to make fun of Lohan and her multiple brushes with the law.
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