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Light And Life

Light And Life
After presenting a series of inspiring and astonishing artworks at various exhibitions in India and across the world, Indian contemporary artist Swaraj Das brought his current series of work, Light and Life, a solo painting exhibition viewing various shades of life in colours. Born in 1983, in West Bengal, Das has emerged as a contemporary painter of immense artistic skills and stature.  

The abstracts in his paintings, though  non-existent, are the images of his life experiences. Melting and overlapping colours make his paintings defining and exuberant. The works were on display at the Open Palm Court at the India Habitat Center till 10 January. 

His work aim at capturing various colours,  phases and moods, from streets narrowed by building-blocks, morning light, monsoon, afternoon, midday and a lot more to do with various aspects of life and nature. His paintings are on canvas and paper, using western style water colour based techniques and mediums. His oil and acrylic paintings have been created using the Arapaima based technique. 

Swaraj is much like the West Wind in Shelley’s poetry. He has deconstructed images in order to create them anew. His paintings are a recreational  in nature  encompassing experiences manifesting themselves in melting and overlapping colours, water colours, streetscapes, figure work. His shapes transform into shapelessness, his colours transmute into one constant-colour. Thus, Swaraj continually searches for the peace through chaos, for the concrete through abstraction, for the reality through the unreal.

His exhibitions in India have already earned accolades around including a series of national and international awards as well as words of appreciation.. After having exhibitions in the USA, Kolkata,Delhi, Gurgaon and various other parts of India, he is still heading towards contributions through great artworks and artistic mediums. 
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