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Life takes cruel turn for Uber rape survivor

Life takes cruel turn for Uber rape survivor
Even though the 26-year-old Uber rape survivor got justice from the judiciary as Shiv Kumar Yadav, the accused, is convicted, her life is no more like before post the incident. Her wedding has been called-off and she has to change her job as well.

Speaking to Millennium Post, father of the survivor said: “Yes, the boy with whom my daughter got engaged before the incident has called-off the engagement. Not because my daughter was raped but because of the judiciary system. It took almost a year to convict the rapist. So the delay in the conviction and the hassle we had to face while proceeding for the hearings was the reason why he called-off the relationship with my daughter.”

The survivor was unwilling to talk but she confirmed that she is not getting married and has changed her job too. “My life is not normal after the incident. Initially, people including neighbours, colleagues were supportive but as the days passed they started commenting on my late duty hours. Also, they started judging me and different fabricated theories popped up,” she said in a harsh tone.

Her father was polite and clam. After she banged the phone her father said: “Don’t mind, she is upset and will be fine soon. I am with my daughter and she is the best daughter in the world. It is my turn to prove that I am the best father too.” Explaining her abnormal life, he added that she was forced to quit the job with a finance company in Gurgaon. At times she returns home late night for which her company has to provide a cab and a security guard. Since she was a rape victim, the company was being sensitive and possessive with her. Gradually the possessive behaviour turned into over-possessiveness which is why she quit the job.

“When she told me that she had left her job I asked her to look for another one. I did not want her to be stuck in the home as it could become poisonous for her. I wanted her to work so now she is working with another finance company in Noida,” he said.

He also added that whenever she reads about rape incidents, it haunts her. “In fact, such incidents haunt us as well. As the victim is someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother,” he said adding, “I wish that one day there will be no rape cases in Delhi or elsewhere.”
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