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Letting colours talk on canvas

Letting colours talk on canvas
Communication has always been important to man.There are so many ways in which people communicate, but the language of visual is something that not many understand.
Communication is what The Shimmering Lotus and More, an exhibition of paintings by Rita Sud and Priyendra Shukla, is all about. 

Rita Sud, a self-taught artist, has displayed her  works in mix media in this two-day exhibition.

‘My exhibits are divided into three segments. The first one is all about flowers and lotuses. I have tried exploring colours in the second while the third segment is dark and has nude colours, and comprises a set of paintings on Buddha,’ said Sud.

Sud uses  oil, acrylics, water colours, gold leaf, ink, specially made paper and terracotta for her paintings.  

‘I see art in a lighter vein and my paintings are a lot about colours anf my experiments with colour. It is a visual language where I let myself drift away,’ she says.

The artist draws inspiration from places where she travels. ‘Like when I visited Sikkim, the prayer flags were all there and I put it in my paintings. Also when I went to Hong Kong, I saw how people there were enamoured by the lotus,’ she explained.

Another painting, named Greece revisted, is done in terracotta, capturing the essence of Greece. 

Shukla’s Godhuli speaks of that time in the evening when the world seems magical with the fading sunset with the birds coming back to their nests.  

‘Godhuli is a Hindi word where go means cow and dhuli means dust, a particular point of time in the evening where the cows return to their sheds,’ said Shukla.

His paintings have a rustic appeal where the lines and colours merge to form a unique expression. ‘Colours excite me and my paintings all have a different story to tell,’ he said. Go find out what the works tell you.


At : Club Aralias, DLF Golf Links Phase 5, Gurgaon
On Till : 15 and 16 September
Timings : 11 am to 7 pm
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