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Letter to Muslim leaders stirs controversy in Britain

Some Muslim groups in the UK on Monday accused the government of singling out the community and making a far-right argument after a senior minister sent a letter to their leaders, asking them to explain how Islam “can be part of British identity”.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and Ramadhan Foundation had opposed the letter because they claim it appeared to suggest - “like the far right”- that Muslims and Islam were inherently apart from British society. But PM David Cameron defended the letter written by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, saying it was “reasonable, sensible and moderate”. The letter was sent to 1,000 Muslim leaders and imams after the attacks in Paris earlier this month. Cameron said his minister was “absolutely right” to write the letter urging leaders to do more to tackle extremism.

“Anyone who reads this letter - and I’ve read the letter - will see that what he is saying is that British Muslims make a great contribution to our country, that what is happening in terms of extremist terror has nothing to do with the true religion of Islam,” he said.


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