Let’s play!

Let’s play!
Paying a tribute to one of the pioneer of play writing Rakesh Mohan, Sahitya Kala Parishad is organising a four day drama festival. If you want to see some fresh ideas along with some strong acting on stage, this festival is the place for you. 

The plays to be staged will be concentrating on relevant issues like women, youth and weaker sections of society. 

Every year, Sahitya Kala Parishad invites and awards the scripts from original hindi playwrights to encourage them. The award winning plays are showcased the following year. 
Parishad gives a  platform to the theater enthusiasts. On one side, the writing for original scripts in Hindi is encouraged and on the other, budding actors and directors get a chance to showcase their talents. 
The inaugural play of the festival, Aadhe Adhure directed by  Bharti Sharma and written by Mohan Rakesh will be staged as a tribute to the writer.

Other play scripts which were awarded last year and are going to be staged this year include, Ram Kabhi Marta Nahi directed by Lokendra Trivedi and written by Santosh Nirmal, Mare Gae Gulfam directed by Sohela Kapoor and written by Gyan Singh Maan, Kaath Ke Ghode directed by Shyam Kumar and written by Sandeep Lele and Sapno ki Dehri Ke Us Paar directed by  Krishankant and written by Aditi Jain. 

All plays will be staged at the Sri Ram Centre from 6:30 onwards and will be spread over five days, 16 September to the 20. Sahitya Kala Parishad is committed to working on the enrichment of Hindi language and culture and this drama festival is  one of their many initiatives.


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