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Let them criticise, I know what’s good for team: Afridi

Trying to stay “aloof” from the scathing backlash that he has faced in real and virtual world following the World T20 loss to India, Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi on Monday said that he is not bothered by the criticism as he knows what is best from the team.

From pundits, media to common Pakistani fan, everyone has been critical of Afridi and his team, be it on television, newspapers or in social media. “I think even when the tournament had not started, media were saying things. But in reality, neither do I check twitter, facebook nor do I check what media is reporting. I have kept myself to one side (aloof). I know what will be their response (back home),” Afridi told mediapersons ahead of team’s important group league clash against New Zealand.

“But, I will say it again, whatever is happening there (in Pakistan), let it happen. I know what I and my team have to do here. That is the most important thing for me. Rest of the things can be taken care of later as to who is saying what. For us, main thing is performance and we will have to show it,” the mercurial Pakistan captain added.  Afridi showed his pragmatic side when he said that this game can take as much as it gives.
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