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Let quality not quota be rule for promotion

The issue of reservation which has not even been properly discussed in Parliament is now being agitated on the streets of India. This is not proper. There should be no infighting over this issue without proper discussions. The people of India have not even been consulted. The Samajwadi Party should not agitate the issue on the streets without futher cogitations. The issue is not as simple as it seems. There are many aspects to the issue of reservations which have as yet not been fully understood. Even the Parliament has not yet fully discussed the Bill. The passage of the Bill in the Rajya Sabha was not without hitches. Though Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav have differences over the Bill, they should not take out their differences on the streets of India. The issue of reservations has full ramifications for the IAS examination which is the most difficult competitive examination acknowledged by the world. Nowhere in the world has these been such an agitation for the implementation of a promotion quota in a reservation category. The reservation issue should be fully discussed in Parliament before the government of India decides to implement it.

The issue is still pending in the Lok Sabha. It should not be allowed to bypass the people of India as it has done in recent years. It is not even clear which party voted on which side of the issue as a result of the pandemonium in Parliament. The issue of reservation is opposed by most people in India. None of the aspirants who take the IAS examination want it. It is therefore most surprising that the ministers who compose the cabinet of India now sit on judgement over the issue. The steady degradaation of the IAS has severe consequences for the nation. The country is already paying a serious price for the dilution of the standards of the examination. Many in the IAS after the dilution in the standards of the examination are not upto the standard. The quota bill can further affect its quality.
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