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Left parties bled Bengal and Kerala, says FM; TMC agrees

Left parties bled Bengal and  Kerala, says FM; TMC agrees
Speaking to the Millennium Post TMC MP, Derek O’ Brien, said, “Nothing much to say as everybody knows what happened in West Bengal during left regime for the last 34 years. All I can say at this moment is we paying the sins of Left.”

Jaitley on Thursday while speaking in Rajya Sabha, said, “Please consider this, why should West Bengal and Kerala be revenue deficit, when even Bihar is not?”

Pointing out at CPI (M) MP, Sitaram Yechuri, finance minister said, “Let me tell my friend Sitaram ji, there’s no denationalization. We are not planning to touch coal India, Coal India will remain as it is.

As far as private parties are concerned, they are getting it by discretionary mechanism. Now they have to pay in order to get it. That is the only difference and the state will be richer, and you should be happy. You are an elected member from Bengal and therefore your state is going to be one of the beneficiaries.”

“You have states like North East which is revenue deficit, you have states like Jammu & Kashmir which is revenue deficit, you have Uttarakhand which is revenue deficit, I am glad that Bihar remain no longer revenue deficit, Himachal Pradesh is no longer revenue deficit. But among the big states, there are two states which are suffering from revenue deficits and they are West Bengal and Kerala,” he said, while asking Yechuri to have a debate on the recommendation of the 14th Finance Commission at any platform.

He further said, “Please consider this why West Bengal and Kerala should be revenue deficit when Bihar is not a revenue deficit state? Is it something to do with the kind of policies which have historically have been pursued? Time has come to think. Somebody says, if the economy keeps turning left, nothing is left in the economy. Even states like tribal population are not revenue deficit.”

Another Contai MP, Sisir Adhikari agreed with Jaitley’s remark and said, “Our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is raising this issue for long and now when the centre has realised, we are going to discuss the issue with the PM soon.”
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