Lee and Behold

Lee and Behold
Rumour has it that Vidyut Jamwal's screen time in the John Abraham-starrer Force had to be reduced to keep main lead Abraham in focus. John had not given a hit in some time and was banking heavily on Force. The makers wanted a new face to play the bad guy but Jamwal was so good in the action scenes that our boy John had real fear of getting sidelined and turned into Mr Scissorhands, something that another big league Khiladi was once accused of being. Be that as it may, Jamwal got noticed by the industry, bagged the Filmfare for Best Male Debut and got his chance to hog the limelight with his solo hero act in the just-released
Commando - A One Man Army.
No wonder then that in the first action scene in the movie, Jamwal tears through a poster of John in Force and declares his arrival. Phata poster, nikla asli hero!

With this film's release, not just John but every bloke in Bollywood who fancies himself as an action star should run to the neighbourhood mixed martial arts studio. In his many interviews before the film's release, Jamwal said he has trained in a variety martial arts like kalaripayattu, jiu jitsu, etc. from a very young age and also practices gymnastics with his trainer and friends. The hard work shows. Even in their initial days as action stars, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn had not attempted anything like this. With this film, Jamwal has redefined action in Bollywood. His onscreen intensity would have gotten a nod from a certain Mr Lee if he was alive!

If you are still interested in the storyline, here goes: Karanveer Dogra (Jamwal) is a para commando with the Indian army who gets captured by the Chinese. After enduring a year's torture, during which time India conveniently forgets his existence, Dogra makes his escape. When he crosses border, he bumps into northern belle Simrit Kaur (Pooja Chopra, Miss India-2009, making her debut). Kaur has her own problem. Local baddie AK-74 (yes, that's his name!) wants to wed her and bed her, but her principles and taste in men make her run. She meets Dogra, he feels duty bound to protect her, they run into the forest, the bad men follow and action! South African action director Franz Sphilhaus has done a good job here and left very little to do for the film's director Dilip Ghosh.

Jaideep Ahlawat as AK-74 is menacingly good. He doesn't kick ass, but with no eyeballs and bad jokes, he stands out. Ahlawat did a bit role in Gangs of Wasseypur and looks set for a good run in Bollywood.

Pooja Chopra doesn't have much to do in the movie. She is supposed to look good and act coy. I thought she could have done the item song instead.

Go watch Commando if action is your thing. I will watch it again.
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