Leading the way

Leading the way
The museum would be represented at the colloquium from April 13 to 23 by Venu Vasudevan, its director general.

To be hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the meet will see 15 international museum leaders deliberating on measures needed to ‘broaden international dialogue about museum management’.

The other 14 leaders would be from Britain, Egypt, China, Colombia, New Zealand, Benin, Cameroon, Iran, Nigeria, Peru, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Vietnam. It will also include directors of national, private and academic museums.

According to the statement, the GMLC is expected to provide a 360-degree view of current museum practices worldwide, placing a strong emphasis on institutional leadership and strategic problem solving.

Vasudevan said the GMLC, though barely in its second edition, has come to be recognised as a significant international platform for museum leaders and administrators to discuss and strategise measures to reinvigorate museums.

“The challenge for the museologists and museum administrators is to hammer out new strategies that would increase footfalls at museums and make them a focal point in the spectrum of culture and art,” he said, adding there was a commonality in challenges for museums across the globe.

Dr Venu has been instrumental in giving a makeover to the institution by holding of a slew of new exhibitions and launching new initiatives.


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