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Lawyer, friends beat up bookshop owner, ravage store in central Delhi

A lawyer and his friends allegedly created a ruckus at a bookstore in the Daryaganj area of central Delhi, brutally beating up the shop owner and destroying the shop, on Tuesday evening. The accused lawyer and three of his friends have been arrested. The incident took place at approximately 5 pm on Tuesday. A bookseller, Manish, was brutally beaten up by the accused lawyer, who has been identified as Abhinav Sharma, and his 15 friends. 

They also destroyed his shop. Manish had to be taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.The problem started when Manish’s wife was returning home from the shop in the evening. Abhinav was coming in from the opposite direction and the two cars created a road block. Abhinav allegedly got down from his car with two of his friends and started abusing Manish’s driver and wife. 

Manish rushed to the spot after his wife called him and Abhinav and Manish ended up having an argument. A compromise was affected by the intervention of the local people. But in a few hours, Abhinav returned to the bookshop at Ansari Road,with 15 of his friends, beat up Manish, smashed his computer and destroyed the shop. 

A case has been registered at Daryaganj police station against Abhinav and his 15 unidentified friends. ‘On the basis of the complaint, we have arrested Abhinav and three of his friends,’ said a cop

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