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Law and the morality game

The legal system. The lesser said about it the better perhaps. But then, as in Hollywood, every once in a while a movie comes along which tries to restore a semblance of faith in the blindfolded lady and the scales in her hand.

Jolly LLB comes from a place like that. A hope that there is some good in all the bribery, chaos, corruption and the no-justice-for-the-poor world of courts, lawyers, affidavits, apples (appeals), prostitutions (prosecutions) and so on.

Jagdish Tyagi (Arshad Warsi), better known as Jolly, with a law degree from Meerut, moves ‘typewriter and nameplate’ to Delhi hoping to make it big with some PILs. Botched up cases aplenty left behind at home and a firebrand girlfriend Sandhya (Amrita Rao). Let us correct matters, she is not hot, just hot headed and won’t let Jolly kiss her. After all,
‘Baap ka maal’
she’s not.

Delhi and sessions court has nothing to offer this struggling lawyer till he witnesses Tejinder Rajpal (Boman Irani) in action as he packs off a high profile hit and run case in court. Rajpal is the original devil’s advocate and Jolly is awe-struck. But when he spots a loophole in the argument Rajpal offers in court, Jolly does not hesitate to file a PIL. The case is forced to be re-opened as an elusive eye-witness surfaces and the media goes crazy.

The real story begins there. Little acts of kindness, bravery, moments of dishonesty and then the eternal fight for the truth. Lawyers will sometimes even speak the truth, says on of the taglines of the movie. Jolly prepares to fight tooth and nail to get the poor some justice.

Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani are brilliant in their roles but Irani steals the show. He is ruthless. This sort of cold glint hasn’t been seen in his eyes ever. Saurabh Shukla is a delight and Amrita Rao for a change is refreshing. Thank god she came out if the irritatingly coy Vivaah phase.

In all honesty, the story will not blow you away. But the way Kapoor has created Joly LLB works really well. The song-dance sequences are redundant but that aside the movie is crisp, well made and quite a treat. The way Delhi has been shown in the movie is delightfully spot on. Good actors, great acting and a steady plot. We just wish the morality play was a little less. We all know that law isn’t a clean game, but as refreshing as it might be to believe that justice may prevail, it becomes a tad bit hard to believe.
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