Laugh your heart out!

Laugh your heart out!
Kick languor out of your sweltering summery Sundays. Giggles, laughter and a lot of madness await you as the Sunday evening brings in a deluge of hilarious acts, that too by Delhi's best comedians. Doubly whammy! We got pally with the host and stand up comic, Nishant ‘Joke’ Singh to get you a sneak peak.

Being the funny guy everywhere can  pose as a challenge one day. So goes the story of Nishant aka Nishant ‘Joke’ Singh. He is not Singh and Joke, well who ever had that surname? But that's another story. Back in 2009, when Russell Peters, the Canadian actor-comedian toured India, our Joke Singh didn’t even know who Peters was, till a girl in his media company poked him to become one. That was enough for him to give up on his job to live out as a full-time stand-up comic!

The funny guy in him didn't take too long to realise that it was his calling. By the end of 2009, when   Open Mic, a live show where professional stand up comics perform and the newbies are entertained every now and then, our Joke Singh forayed into the spotlight for the first time. ‘ Out of 25 jokes, 5 really worked out that day,’ he says with a whiff of mischief, adding that even now before getting onto the stage, he doesn't like talking to anybody for the last ten-fifteen minutes. Well, all that anxiety melts out into a relaxed and rejuvenating evening for his audience as he delivers in his quirky interactive style. ‘I like to keep my audience upbeat and involve them in my acts. At times, it backfires. But that's a part of show life,’ says the comedian.

He is one of the prominent face amidst Delhi stand up comedy circles. Is performing live with competing comics, daunting? The perky comic got back saying, ‘Every stand up comedian in Delhi has his own flavour to his style of comedy.’ While he digs up fun with his lively and interactive acts, his peers bring up their style with Punjabi humor, jokes on marriages, satire and a myriad other subjects.

Comedy Central, the international channel for stand up comedy went on air in India more than a year ago. Has it opened up newer avenues for stand up comedy? In Nishant's view, ‘Open Mic gives a freedom to the stand-up comics. It's their style that they portray without any shackles.’ He doubts that broadcast media would grant that much freedom to artists. He is weary of censor which curbs the right of an artist to bring up satires on politics and other imperative issues ;  something that they enjoy in Open Mic. Still he appreciates the first round of Hindi comedy shows in India that gave the limelight to artists like Raju Srivastav. ‘But it's long way to go as Indian broadcast comedy now depends mostly on pun oriented humour, made for the masses,’ rues Nishant.  Adding, the international artists work on the same one-hour material for their shows over a year, while our artists in broadcast are made to pan out humour five days a week.  His brand of humour comes in English backed with Hindi punchlines, depending upon the audience.  

The night will a riot of laughter when comedians come together with their takes on everyday things around and tickle your funny bone. You better not miss out!


Timings: 8 pm
When: 28 April
Where: Cafe Morrison
Isha Arora

Isha Arora

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