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Landscaping the cultures

Landscaping the cultures
Gallerie Ganesha has a treat in store for art lovers. A solo show of recent works in watercolour on paper by Kolkata-based artist Bikash Poddar.

Bikash Poddar is one of our best known landscape painters from Bengal. His landscapes reflect the flow of colour that Bengal art assimilated from Chinese and Japanese calligraphy art and blended it with the detailed depiction of monuments and human figures we find in our own miniatures. 

The artworks span the hiatus between two great neighbouring cultures, those of India and China, Japan, one highlighting detailed forms bursting with life while the other evokes a sense of the essence of aesthetic expression of the human presence at its most minimal.

There are his boldly coloured works that concentrate on objects of daily use, another important trend in Bengal art that he manages to balance with large areas of formless space. His works are an contribution to the art of Bengal.

Art critic Suneet Chopra says, 'What struck me was the proportions of the human figures that blended beautifully with the landscape and yet held their ground in a symbiotic relationship that evoked the relation between man and his creations together'. Head over! 

When: 4 April-7 May
When: Gallerie Ganesha, Greater Kailash II  Timing: 11am-7pm
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