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Delhi based artist Vikash Kalra has created an exclusive body of landscape based works for an exhibition titled The Alchemist - Alchemy of Landscape Painting. Reputed for his expressionistic paintings, drawings and sculptures, Vikash Kalra takes a special interest in creating mindscapes, in which he recollects the journeys that he has undertaken during his formative years. He paints them with nostalgia, care and passion, but with an expressionistic verve, transforming them into new experiential zones.

These landscapes done in an expressionist fashion is one of the pivotal components of Vikash Kalra’s oeuvre, which otherwise also includes faces, couples, erotic scenes, chemical drawings, figurative sculptures as constituting elements. In this focused exhibition of his landscapes, one could see the artist bringing all his experiences and memories into condensed landscapes.

Though Vikash does not like to be known as a landscape artist, depicting them is one of the most exciting artistic processes for him. For a devoted landscape artist, any kind of land becomes a trigger; he could elaborately paint it with all the details or abstract it to its essence. But for majority of the artists landscape painting is something unavoidable.

Whether it is Benode Behari Mukherjee or Ram Kinkar Baij, Zarina Hashmi or Nilima Sheikh, even when they practice a different sort of painting, landscapes occur in their creative processes, at times challenging them with its beauty or at times cajoling them with its simplicity. Those artists who would like to go beyond the academic restrictions and theme based practices are charmed by the allurement of landscapes and painting landscapes gives them a sort of freedom that they do not otherwise get from their abstract or figurative works. Expressionists, unlike the figurative artists bring out landscape as very strong memory registrations. Vikash Kalra’s landscapes belong to this tradition of landscape painting.

This contemporary dynamism that he creates, is a way to understand the artist’s grip not only on the contemporary life around him but also his knowledge about the classical and modern landscapes. An initiated viewer may see these landscapes as expressionistic ones and also they could connect these works to some mid 20th century Indian masters.

WHERE: Art and Aesthetic, F- 213/ A, 1st Floor, Old MB  Road, Lado Sarai,
WHEN: 2 August to 27 August, 11:00 am- 7:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)
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