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Land of traditions

Land of traditions
After two days of soulful musical performances and the generous availability of mouth watering delicacies, curtains came down on the Sindhi Sufi Music and Food Festival on March 22. Presented by Delhi Government’s Department of Art, Culture and languages in association with Sindhi Academy, the festival celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Sindh, in an attempt to popularize its traditions with the young generation and keep them alive.

On the second day of the festival today, eminent singers Pankaj Jeswani and Indian Idol fame young singing star Mohit Lalwani rendered Sufiana kalams to a packed audience. Sindhi way of life has been deeply influenced by Sufi doctrines and principles.

Sufi masters such as Shah Abdul Latif and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar are among the most prominent cultural icons of this land. Celebrating their mystical poetry is an important part of the legacy of the region.

“In India where the people of Sindhi ethnic origin are scattered around with little contact with the land of their origin, some community members worry about their younger generation losing touch with their past. In this light, it is very important to showcase the culture and legacy of Sindh to inform our youngsters about its richness and resilience. We should all know that Dama Dam Mast Qalandar, the ecstasy-inducing Sufi rendition that everyone loves has its origins in Sindh,” says much popular young singer Mohit Lalwani.

From the cradle of ancient Indian civilization to a melting pot of multiple traditions, Sindh has a rich legacy which is reflected suitably in its art, culture and cuisine.

The Sindhi Sufi Music and Food Festival was an opportunity for the people of Delhi to get a taste of this rich and vibrant heritage; and they did not miss it.

The rich and delicious Sindhi cuisine was at full flow at the food festival where visitors’ taste buds will be given a delectable treat of delicacies like Sai Bhaji Chawal, Taryal Patata, Pallo Machi, among others. Chefs and caterers from across Delhi such as Lahori Gate, Karachi Caterers, Mothers Kitchen, Shalini Home Chef, Gyani Ice Cream, and Moti Mahal Deluxe will participate in the festival
As part of the festival, a documentary on Sindhis of India scripted by Suresh Khatri was also screened at the festival. “For centuries Sindh was a melting pot from which various strains of ideas and practices emanated and enriched this country. The Sufi music of Sindh is among the most recognizable facets of this tradition.

“In a world where many cultures and languages are fighting for survival, it is pertinent that we propagate the richness of Sindhi language, its lyrical beauty and musical heritage to keep its charm intact with the young generation,” said eminent singer artist Indira Naik.
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