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Lalbazar PHQ to issue digitised identity cards to visitors

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Lalbazar PHQ to issue digitised identity cards to visitors

In a bid to tighten the security arrangements at Lalbazar police headquarter, various steps are being taken. It was learnt from the sources that the senior Kolkata Police officials have decided to bring some changes in the visitors’ slip. Many people visit the Kolkata Police headquarter for various reasons on regular basis. 

They visit various departments at Lalbazar. The slips that are issued to the visitors till now carry the name and the address of the visitors. But from now the visitors will be provided with digitised identity card. 

The visitors have to stand in front of a computer monitor fitted with camera which will capture the photograph of the visitors.  The person operating the computers will enter all necessary information relating to the visitors and produce a computer generated identity card. 

These cards will be given to the visitors where the timing of issuance of the card will also be mentioned. While coming out, the visitors have to submit the temporary photo identity card at the exit gate. 

Thus it will be possible for the security personnel to maintain a comprehensive list of visitors to the various departments and the purpose of their visit. The computer will have the details of the visitors, their address, age and mobile number. 

According to a senior police official, this system will enable the department to maintain a detailed record of each and every visitor entering into the Kolkata Police headquarter.  If it is required police will be able to know the detail of a visitor in a minute. This is a good move which will maintain the security issues at Lalbazar in a better way, said a senior police official. 

It may be mentioned that at Nabanna and in some other government offices digitised identity cards are being given to the visitors.



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