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Lady Gaga meets Dalai Lama

Lady Gaga meets Dalai Lama
Their 20-minute chat that happened yesterday was shared on Facebook Live, reported USA Today.

The Dalai Lama answered questions that  Gaga chose from social media about how to deal with injustices in the world.“We are a social animal, so individuals’ future depends entirely on the community,” he said.

He offered this advice, “Once (a) tragic situation happens, not avoid- (but) look at more deeply, widely. “Many positive, happy things are there if you look (from a) wider perspective.

 If you look real closely, it appears unbearable.But if you look widely (you see) other positive things there.”
As for meditating, Gaga does it, and so does His Holiness.

However, “I am a poor practitioner of meditation. 81 years old... progress, not much,” he said,smiling.

But his analytic meditation methods seem to work. “You can judge my (young-looking) face,” he said. “Nothing special medicine...My mind (is) always clear.” 


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