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Ladakh calling

Ladakh calling
The effort of the National Museum Institute (NMI) to work with Ladakhi people to develop inventory on their unique lifestyle has gained renewed vigour with brighter prospects of a string of museums coming up in the high-altitude valley. The ongoing project on ICH (intangible cultural heritage), which has support from the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), aims to safeguard the region’s heritage in the wake of increasing pressures of new-age needs, tourism and globalisation.

 Dr Venu V, who is Director-General of National Museum noted that the 14-month-old endeavour, overall, has been leading to a growing consciousness in Ladakhis to uphold their heritage.

'Museums have a vital role in safeguarding, documenting, communicating and promoting the culture and heritage of a region and community,' he said.

NMI has been informing and equipping monks and curators managing museums in Ladakh’s monasteries to deal with the basics of museum management and preventive conservation. The region preserves its heritage at two levels: community (in the villages) and by monks (in the monasteries). While the material for heritage conservation needed for architectural heritage are stored in monasteries, it is the people at large who own the other intangible assets such as collective memory, legends, songs, dance and rituals.
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