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‘Lack of development forcing people in Chhattisgarh into Naxalism’

She also targeted the Raman Singh-led BJP government for the poor law-and-order in the state and not effectively dealing with the Naxal problem despite centre’s full support.

She questioned the steps taken by it to bring those involved in Naxal activities into the mainstream.
‘When there is no development in the state the problems of people, unemployment, dejection among people have increased.

This has forced some people to adopt the wrong path (of Naxalism),’ Gandhi told a poll rally here.
She accused the BJP of befooling people in the name of development and said the state had moved behind in the past 10 years of its rule.

Gandhi said people in Chhattisgarh have not derived the benefits of the central social schemes due to the neglect of the state government as the centre had sent thousands of crore help to the state. She also alleged that the state government was not giving foodgrains to the poor despite the Centre sending tonnes of it.

‘There is a huge difference between what they (BJP) say and what they do. I want to ask the BJP where this development that they claim is taking place. Whose development and for whom this development is taking place. Corruption has broken all records in the past 10 years in Chhattisgarh. We don’t make hollow promises. Whatever we say, we do,’ she said.

‘Law and order has deteriorated. Women are living in fear,’ she said.  Voicing concerns about the dismal state of tribals, she said the BJP government has been cheating on them. ‘Tribals have not been given their rights on their own land. Poverty and unemployment are on the rise in rural and tribal areas of Chhattisgarh,’ she said.

Gandhi also recalled the 25 May Jagdalpur killings that had swiped out the senior state Congress leadership, saying, ‘Nothing can be more shameful than the incident’.
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