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Lack of coordination between DDA, Delhi govt: CAG report

A CAG report has pointed out “lack of coordination” between Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Delhi government leading to non-implementation of the land pooling policy approved by the Centre in 2013 in the national Capital.

A land pooling policy approved by Central government in 2013 was not operationalised (October 2016) due to lack of coordination between DDA and Delhi government, resulting in delay of land development, stated the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report tabled on Friday in Parliament.

Acquisition of land is carried out by Delhi government but DDA, which comes under the lieutinent governor’s office, is responsible for its management and development.

“Scrutiny of records revealed many instances of lack of coordination between DDA and Delhi government in acquisition proceedings, release of compensation and enhanced compensation.

An amount of Rs 1,001.84 crore was released by DDA to Delhi government for the land acquired between 2010-11 to 2014-15 for which utilisation certificates (UCs) were awaited till October 2016. UCs are means to ensure funds released to an agency have been actually utilised for the purpose for which it was sanctioned, CAG said.

It added that no UCs were available with DDA in all the 64 cases of land acquisition test checked in audit and that no communication was exchanged between DDA and Delhi government to obtain UCs.

Protection of land from unauthorised encroachment is one of the most important activities performed by DDA, the report said.

Information furnished (August 2015) by DDA showed 13,155 bighas of land under unauthorised cultivation in Yamuna Khadar area.

“However, it could not be ascertained as to which zone this area pertained to and was steps were taken by DDA to recover this land,” it said.

The CAG report noted that systems did not exist for proper maintenance in DDA, as a result of which audit was unable to analyse effectiveness of land management, land development and land disposal activities in a wholistic manner. “A critical issue noticed in audit was non-availability of consolidated information in respect of land stock with DDA.

The information relating to land acquisition, utilisation, development, disposal as well as land lying vacant was inadequate, incomplete and outdated,” it said. The auditor observed that efficient planning and execution of land management activities require proper co-ordination with various agencies including the Ministry of Urban Development and Delhi Government. “Audit observed lack of coordination among these agencies as a result of which development and implementation of a land pooling policy in land assembly and development, disposal of industrial land etc were pending since long,” it said.

Various deficiencies were noticed in processing of cases of conversion from lease hold to freehold and there was no mechanism for regular monitoring and collection of outstanding ground rent and damage charges, the report said.
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