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Labour MP advises India to handle FDI issue with care

Indian-origin Labour MP Keith Vaz has advised Indian legislators to be careful while handling the issue of FDI in retail, cautioning that a major dominance by super markets may not be in the interest of common man.

Vaz, Chairman of the Britain’s Home Affairs Committee, said though he was not in a position to advise Indian MPs but he would still say, ‘please be careful. Modernise the retail but don’t hand it over’.

‘If India allows big Super Markets to come there, they will not hesitate to have same dominance as in the USA. I don’t think it is good for common man,’ he feels.

Vaz was speaking at a function organised at the Crown Plaza hotel here by the Indian Journalists Association on Wednesday night to celebrate his 25th anniversary in British Parliament.

Vaz, who is also playing a key role in creating awareness of diabetics and its effect, said he would hand over a bus to Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan on October 4 in western Indian city of Mumbai which will travel around the city raising awareness about diabetic disease.

Referring to visa restrictions on non-EU students, Vaz said ‘our education sector will completely collapse without Indian students’.

‘Indian students don’t want to come here to work in TESCOs but study. A vast majority of students from India are genuine students’.

He said the London Metropolitan University issue where a lot of students were left in the lurch was badly handled but did not elaborate.
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