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Labour dept introduces new helpline number for queries

 MPost |  2016-03-03 00:46:05.0  |  Kolkata

Labour dept introduces new helpline number for queries

The State labour department has decided to introduce a helpline number to clarify doubts of labourers from unorganised sectors. This is the first time in the country when any State government has taken such an initiative for the unorganised sector.

The project has been named as Shramik Sathi. A labourer can dial the toll free number 1800-103-0009 to speak to a representative to get more information on various projects taken up by the government for their benefit.

It may be mentioned that the State government had earlier introduced Samajik Mukti Card to help labourers of the unorganised sectors to get all sort of benefits. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that using the single card, a worker can avail facilities including education and health.

With the introduction of the help line number, the labourers can also file a complaint if they face any inconvenience in getting the facilities using the card. Moreover, the State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund for Unorganised Workers was also launched. 

“Hundreds of workers from the unorganised sectors had enrolled themselves in the scheme and many still want themselves to get enrolled. They need to travel to our offices to get even small information. But with the introduction of the helpline they no longer need to travel such a long distance to learn more about a project in details,” said an official of the state labour department adding that people from any part of the state will be benefitted equally in getting information. Dissemination of proper information about a project is very essential to make it successful, the official said.  

Most importantly, there will be a set of youth who will be answering the queries. The youth will be trained and will be provided with all sorts of information. Thus a caller does not have to face any inconvenience in getting information.



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