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La Martiniere Boys’ Nature Club hold two-day event on environmental issues

The Nature Club of La Martiniere for Boys’ organised a host of events during a two day long programme where they stressed on the importance of spreading awareness about the need of saving the environment and dealing with the various environmental crisis ranging from pollution to deforestation.

As a part of the programme, the Nature Club held its annual fund raiser ‘Callisto’ to achieve its various aims, conducted mock parliament, court room scene and most importantly a panel discussion on “Investing in Development: Does it have to hurt Nature” which has seen participation of students from various city schools including St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, St James’ School, La Martiniere for Boys’ and La Martiniere for Girls’.

During the panel discussion, the school children pointed out various aspects of environmental issues and how to contribute to a sustainable development through the preservation of natural resources.

They stressed on the importance of growth in the fields of industrialization and the agricultural sector but not at the cost of the environment.

Apart from the school children there were panelists — Jayshree Mohanka, Pradip Kakkar and Sumit 
Dabriwal — who put forward their views and stressed the need of serving the interest of nature.  

The Nature Club has been active in performing various activities spreading awareness among the students, their parents and the general public about the environmental issues and how to improve the condition of nature.

The members of this club, from time to time, organise various movements that include posters 
scrapping and hoarding removal in the school adjoining areas.

With an aim to highlight the importance of recycling newspapers and make paper bags out of them, the members of the Nature Club take up newspaper drive thereby collecting newspapers from various buildings in the city. These paper bags are used in the anti-plastic drive which the club conducts.

To check the menace of noise pollution, the school children conduct a no horn campaign on the streets. They also take part in cleaning parks which are frequently littered by some people.

Cleaning drive is being conducted at various places in the city including the Victoria Memorial, Alipore Zoo and others.

In the interactive session, the members also discussed on how they could keep the city clean and reduce the noise pollution level. 

Vedant Kajaria, President of the Nature Club of La Martiniere for Boys’ and a student of this school, said, “Various school students took part in an awareness drive on environment highlighting the needs of planting trees and the prevention of the elements on nature.”
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