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Kristen replaces Robert with toys

Actress Kristen Stewart is cuddling up to the soft toys given to her by ex-beau Robert Pattinson for security and comfort.

Stewart hopes they will help her get over any nerves she has about appearing in public after her cheating scandal.

‘Kristen is latching on to all the things that she associates with Robert and now she can’t be without her stuffed animals. Over the years, Robert, who was a hopeless romantic, bought Kristen plushies whenever he saw one he thought she would love,’ quoted a source as saying.

Apparently, Stewart carries them with herself wherever she goes to remind her of his love.

‘She is obsessed with them and has them scattered all over her bed; they’re a sweet reminder of how he cared for her. But now, as they’re no longer together, they’ve become more of a security blanket for Kristen, so she took a collection of her favorite teddy bears with her to Toronto,’ the source added.   
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