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Zakaria Street murder: One arrested

Kolkata: Police have arrested a gems and jewellery seller Md Arsad in connection with the murder of Md Selim, owner a jewellery shop on Jakaria street on Monday night.
Police came to know in the investigation that Selim had stayed back at his shop beyond the scheduled hours as he was expecting a customer from Asansol.
The accused told him that the customers coming from Asansol would buy diamonds. As a result on the day of the incident Selim told his family members that he would come home late.
In the investigation, police came to know from his family that Selim received no calls from any Asansol customer. Neither did he book any order in his register book.
The accused admitted his guilt in the face of police investigation that he committed the crime when they were trying to loot valuable diamonds.
Investigation suggests that there were three persons including the accused. A scuffle broke out between Selim and the accused and the former was throttled to death.
The body of Mohammad Selim was found inside the shop whose shutter was down on Monday night. Police found that there was a strangulation marks around his neck.
Police have arrested the accused by tracking the mobile tower. Police said that the victim was throttled to death. Police are conducting raids to nab the other culprits who were involved in the incident. The investigators faced little difficulties as there were no CCTV in the areas.
Police were also going through the CCTV footages of the Central Avenue to see if they find any clues.
Police suspect that there were at least three persons who were present inside his jewellery shop at the time of the crime.
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