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Women lodges police complaint against veterinary doctor for death of pet

Kolkata: A woman lawyer in the city registered a complaint with the police against a veterinary doctor whom she accused of negligence leading to the death of her pet.

The incident took place at Kankurgachi. The complainant, Sagarika Chowdhury alleged that her pet died while being sterilised by the doctor at her chamber. On the basis of the complaint, the police have started a probe.

It was learnt that Chowdhury went to doctor Aparajita Chakraborty in the Kankurgachi area for sterlising her pet cat on May 26.

According to her complaint, the woman lawyer alleged that she was later informed that sterlisation was performed on her pet and she could take it to her house. When Chowdhury went to see her pet, she found that it had not gained consciousness.

Hence the woman decided to stay back at the doctor's clinic till the animal regains consciousness instead of taking it home.

When the woman had been waiting at the doctor's clinic, she was asked to pay the dues in cash. Chowdhury then went to a nearby ATM kiosk to withdraw money.

When she returned to the clinic, the complainant

found that her pet was kept inside a bucket which was used

to bring the pet to the chamber. The woman told some of the staff members of the clinic that she wanted to meet the doctor. She was told by some staffers that doctor had left the clinic already and hence she would not be able to consult her.

Being concerned over the health

condition of her pet, the woman asked one of the staff members as what happened to her pet.

The staff member asked the woman to take her pet home as the clinic would be shut down soon. The woman was also advised not to bring the cat out of the bucket as it would take around six hours for the animal to regain consciousness.

The woman returned home. She opened the cover of the bucket after a few hours and touched the animal. She found that there were blood stains on its head.

She then rushed to the clinic again but failed to save the life of her pet. She found that the clinic was already shut and the pet died.

Chowdhury alleged that her pet was absolutely fine when it was taken to the doctors' chamber for the operation.

She alleged that the doctor's negligence led to the death of her pet and lodged a complaint with the Phool Bagan police station demanding a probe into the incident.

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