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Woman with rare mental disorder gets new lease of life

Kolkata: An elderly woman from Ekbalpore, who was suffering from a rare mental disorder for many years, was given a new lease of life by the Institute of Psychiatry.

The woman was admitted to the institute by her family members on April 30 after many doctors failed to cure her mental illness.

During the past 26 years, the woman had developed some mental illness, which made her believe that her family members could cause her harm. The patient used to get afraid while interacting with her family members.

She believed that evil forces had killed her husband who was alive. The patient had been under the treatment of many doctors but her condition did not improve. Doctors said that the patient was suffering from schizophrenia.

As her health condition did not improve, the family member took her to the Institute of Psychiatry. The hospital doctors didn't go by the previous medication. They minutely examined the mental condition of the women it became clear to them that the woman had been suffering from a psychological disorder that not only creates fear but also makes her believe that her relatives had turned evils.

After a prolonged treatment for nearly three weeks the patient is reportedly mentally healthy at present and has been released from the hospital.

The patient no longer fears her family members and she has reportedly overcome all her mental illness that had made her life miserable for a very long time. The Institute of Psychiatry, which was established in 1817, is the third oldest mental hospital in the country and has cured persons with psychiatric illness for almost two centuries. The hospital had also played a significant role in training mental health professionals since 1989.

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