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Woman trampled to death by wild elephant

Kolkata: A middle-aged woman, identified as Bhadu Kalsar, was trampled to death by a wild elephant.

The incident took place in Lalgarh forest area on Sunday morning. The incident also triggered tension among the local residents. Many of the panic-stricken villagers kept themselves

confined inside their house after they heard about the incident. According to the police the victim went to the forest area early in the morning responding to nature's call.

She did not have any idea that a wild tusker has been roaming free in the area.

When she was returning she found the elephant in front of him. Before she realized anything, the elephant mowed her down. According to the primary investigation, it is suspected that fatal injuries in her head led to her death.

Some local residents later found the body inside the forest and called up the local police station.

After being informed the police reached the spot and sent the body for the post mortem examination. The matter was also raised with the forest department officials so that the elephant does not enter into the locality as it may cause further damage to the life and property.

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