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Woman rescued with decomposed body of son

Kolkata: A paralysed woman aged about 71 years were found lying beside the decomposed body of her son on Friday morning at Baranagar.

Local residents informed police after experiencing a foul smell emanating from the house.

According to local residents, on Friday morning, a foul smell was found all over the Sashi Bhusan Garden Lane at Baranagar.

Some locals tried to find the source of the smell and found that it was the house of Partha Ghosh, who used to live there with his mother Gouri Ghosh.

Despite repeated knocks on the door by the local residents, none replied. Immediately, Baranagar police station was informed. Soon police reached the spot and broke the door. After getting inside sleuths were stunned to see the paralysed lady was lying beside the decomposed body of her son.

Immediately Gouri was rescued and cleaned. Meanwhile, the body was removed from the house.

After a while Gouri informed that Partha had been suffering from jaundice since last few days. Approximately 3-4 days ago he died.

Though Gouri tried to call for help, but none could heard her because the windows and doors were closed. As she is suffering from paralysis, Gouri could not get up from her bed.

She tried to reach his son but could not do that before of her illness. Having no other way she stayed still. Meanwhile, as the body got decomposed maggots spread all over the body. Some of the maggots had reached Gouri's body as well.

According to sources, a divorce case was going on between Partha and his wife. He used to stay with Gouri since long time. But he used to stay a bit aloof from the local residents and used to interact very little with his neighbours.

Partha's son also stays with his wife. Despite they were informed, they refused to come at Baranagar to help Gouri.

Later, police admitted her at the Baranagar Hospital for necessary treatment. It is suspected that Partha had died due to cardiac arrest.

Police are waiting for the autopsy as the cause and time of death will reflect in the report.

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