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WBCADC join hands Sufal Bangla to sell non-perishable & semi-perishable products

Kolkata: West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation (WBCADC) has joined hands with Sufal Bangla to sell rice, pulses, spices, mustard and other non-perishable and semi-perishable products through Sufal Bangla outlets across the state. WBCADC products are natural and do not contain preservatives. A meeting has been held with Sufal Bangla officials under the aegis of agricultural marketing department. There are around 136 Sufal Bangla outlets across the state.

"We had put up stalls at Ahare Bangla that was held at Central Park grounds at

Bidhannagar from November 19 to 24. We earned Rs 2.63 lakhs by selling products like vegetables, rice, pulses, spices and raw fish.

"Our stalls that serve special items such as Kadaknath chicken, black Bengal goat, turkey and desi-chicken from farms at Haringhata in Nadia have seen a whooping sale of Rs 9.4 lakh.

"This has prompted us to develop a food chain to popularise these products," said a senior official of WBCADC.

Kadaknath Chicken is known for its exquisite taste and high nutrient value. Madhya Pradesh has won Geographical Indication (GI) tag for Kadaknath, an indigenous chicken breed found in tribal-dominated Jhabua district in the state.

The state government is planning to undertake Kadaknath chicken farming on large-scale. CADC, is an autonomous organisation under the aegis of the Panchayats department, which works for area-based rural development through increased agricultural and allied production ensuring maximum benefit of such production to cultivators.

Dry fishes at Tamluk, mushroom at Siliguri, dheki chatta chal popularly known as brown rice — all cultivated under the supervision of WBCADC are some important products of WBCADC.

CADC has projects at 24 different places in the state spanning in almost all the districts of Bengal.

Agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fishery, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) etc are some areas in which schemes have been taken up by CADC.

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