Visit Eco Park's Japanese restaurant this Puja for delicious cuisines

Visit Eco Parks Japanese restaurant this Puja for delicious cuisines

Kolkata: Do you want to enjoy Prawn Tempura or Sushi? The Japanese restaurant at Eco Park is all set to welcome you with mouth-watering Japanese and Chinese cuisines during the Puja days.

Eco Park has a zone housing a Japanese forest, a pagoda, an area for wish fulfillment and a top class restaurant. Japanese experts had visited Eco Park and expressed their satisfaction over the construction of the zone.

The Japanese restaurant has become quite popular among the foodies in Kolkata and its neighbourhood. The quality of food is superb and on weekends it is difficult to get a seat.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) and New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) have decorated Biswa Bangla Sarani with bright lights. A special Dhak session will be held opposite Mother Wax Museum from Sasthi to Dashami to welcome those who visit the city from far flung districts and other states or countries.

Café Ekante, New Town's pride restaurant will offer special buffet menu on four days from Sasthi to Nabami.

On Sasthi, Aampora Shorbat will be the welcome drink.

This will be followed by masala beguni, kumro phuler bora, murgir gandharaj tikka and macher sorshe tikka as starters.

The main course includes Jhoori aloo bhaja, chanar dalna, doi potol, muh mohan, thakur barir pathar mangso, home-style chicken curry, parsey macher jhol, sada bhat and basanti pulao, radhaballavi, aloo kabli chat, papad and amsatto khejurer chatni.

This will be followed by dessert where misti doi, rosogolla, gajorer halwa and misti paan will be served.

The menu will change. On Saptami, the welcome drink will be jal jeera. In the main course, there will be ekante kasha mangsho and pabda macher jhal among others.

There will be langcha and dudhi ka halwa along with misti doi as dessert.

On Astami, in the main course, there will be goalandrer murgi, mutton dakbunglow and chingrir malai curry. There will be hari moti pulao, chalta chutney, bori diye lal sag bhaja and so on.

On Nabami, one can have mutton rogonjosh, sorsey mach, kachalonka murgi in the main dish. Besides misti doi, there will be pantua, halwa and misti pan in the dessert.

Expert chefs in Café Ekante have prepared the menu. The restaurant has been thoroughly renovated and the capacity has been increased to 62 seats. The ambience is bound to attract guests.

On the island, a model of Maa Durga, made of glass fibre, will be installed and the whole area will be decorated with soothing lights.

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