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Virologists issue guidelines for the elderly

Kolkata: In the wake of growing novel Coronavirus scare in the state, the virologists from the city have issued certain guidelines for the elderly people who are more vulnerable to any viral attack.

The mortality rate of COVID-19 is higher in elderly citizens and hence they should take adequate preventive measures. In case of the younger population, the mortality rate is around 2 percent, whereas if the victims are above 60, the mortality rate can go up to 8 percent.

Those who have died of the disease in the country so far were all elderly citizens. No casualty has, however, been reported in Bengal so far. A teenager tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday and is suspected to have carried the virus from London.

Incidentally, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had on Tuesday urged the MLAs above 60 to take anti-pneumonia vaccine.

Dr N Bhattacharya, a virologist from the city, said: "The virus can remain active on the surface of stainless steel for nearly 3 days and for 3 hours in the air. As the elderly people are more vulnerable, they should avoid any public gathering. People irrespective of age must wash their hands frequently with soap to avoid any viral attack. Do not spread unnecessary panic."

Tamojit Dutta from TriBeCa Care, an organisation that provides specialist end-to-end solutions to senior citizens, issued some directives for the senior citizens, which say that they should wear masks while stepping out of the house and use soaps or sanitisers.

"Sanitise every surface that has been touched by an outsider. Try to limit visitors or deliveries from outside, as well as any person who may have travelled from the affected places. Given the focus on reducing outside contact, keep a full-time attendant at home instead of separate attendants for day/night, since that involves shift changes and outside contact," he added.

"If part-time maids or drivers come in regularly, ask them to wash hands immediately upon entering the home. Do not visit malls, grocery shops, cinema halls, places of worship or any other such place with any sort of gathering. Maintain strict self-discipline and wash hands before touching eyes, face or eating anything. Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds at regular frequency, as well as after touching anything brought in from outside," Dutta maintained.

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