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Upload details of under-construction flats on website, says KMC

Upload details of under-construction flats on website, says KMC

Kolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will upload the details of all flats being constructed in the city so that the buyer can know in advance whether there is any irregularities or litigation associated with a particular building.

The move comes with a section of real estate developers selling apartments to buyers keeping them completely in the dark about illegality associated with the same.

"The buyer before registration of the flat will be knowing whether there is any illegal notice served or any litigation associated with the one that he/she is buying through the database of such projects uploaded in our website so that it is very much in public domain. There have been instances when a buyer after checking into an apartment has found that it is illegal," Mayor Firhad Hakim said on Saturday.

During the Talk to Mayor programme, Hakim received a phone call from a person who had checked into an apartment in 2015 and suddenly is at his wits end with the court giving demolition order for the same due to illegal construction.

The Mayor said that the Building department will not issue no due certificate for apartments before its assessment is completed.

"Presently we have been able to put a leash on such illegal construction as action is being taken against Assistant Engineer presuming that he should be vigilant in not allowing any illegal construction in his jurisdiction. However, in case of projects that have started earlier, a section of promoters are fleecing buyers by letting them buy flats which are illegal," the Mayor said.

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