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Unbelievable! Dilip babu is insulting our Maa Durga sitting in the holy land of Bengal: TMC

Kolkata: A controversy has sparked off with the BJP state president Dilip Ghosh hitting religious sentiment of Bengal by "insulting Maa Durga".

The state BJP president Dilip Ghosh has questioned the worship of 'Maa Durga' in Bengal when Purushottam Rama is already there. "Rama was a king and even Gandhiji has spoken about Ram Rajya. How come Maa Durga made an entry in this scenario?", Ghosh said, while taking part in India Today Conclave East 2021 organised at a city hotel. According to the experts, Gandhiji never meant worship of Lord Ram while talking about Ram Rajya. He wanted that the people leaving in the country should be truthful and there will be absolute peace, prosperity and social harmony.

The clipping of Ghosh making the statement has gone viral—minutes after he said it—in the social media. TMC made a scathing attack at Ghosh protesting against such statements. In a tweet, Trinamool Congress has stated that "it is unbelievable. Dilip babu is insulting our Maa Durga sitting in the holy land of Bengal! Devi Durga is our mother, our strength, our inspiration! Those claim themselves to be protectors of Hindu religion are now insulting Devi Durga." The state Youth Services minister slammed Ghosh saying that "such insult of Devi Durga cannot be tolerated. The person, @DilipGhoshBJP, who does not respect Devi Durga cannot give respect to the women of Bengal #BJPInsultsMaaDurga."

Asish Banerjee, the state Agriculture minister, tweeted: "Listen Dilip Babu. You have insulted Maa Durga to give more importance to Ram. But Prabhu Ram also offered puja to Devi Durga before going for a war. You are a shame for Bengalis."

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