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Two severely injured in Digha after being hit by speedboat

Kolkata: Two visitors who went to take bath in the sea in Digha on Thursday morning were severely injured, one of them had his leg cut off from the knee after they were hit by a speed boat.
The victims initially could not apprehend how the accident took place. Later they noticed that the water of that portion had turned red. One of the victims identified as Jaimuddin Chowdhury felt wreathing pain in his right leg while bathing in the sea. When some of his companions took him to the shore, they noticed that his right leg was cut off from the knee.
The incident triggered panic among other visitors who were taking a bath in the sea as they thought that it could be an attack of a sea animal. But the actual reason soon came to light as some people pointed out that a speed boat passed by the area where the victims were taking a bath.
Another victim suffered injuries on his head and chest during the incident.
Both the victims were rushed to Digha State general hospital for treatment.
It is suspected that propellers of the speed boat might have hit the victims. The visitors have raised questions on how a speed boat came to the area where people take a bath. They also alleged that there was no police surveillance to check the operation of unauthorized speed boats in the sea.
Immediately after the incident, police reached the spot and started a probe in this regard. They are yet to confirm the exact cause of the accident. Police said the victims were among a group who had arrived at the beach town on Thursday morning. They were taking bath in the sea when the accident took place.
They told the police that some speed boats were passing through the area on the morning, one of which suddenly came to closer leading to the accident.
Locals alleged that speed boats do not have proper licenses. Police are yet to arrest anybody in this connection so far.

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