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Two persons mowed by train

Kolkata: Two persons died after they were run over by a local train on Wednesday night near Dum Dum Cantonment railway station. The duo was siblings and were fighting with each other beside the railway track.

According to sources, deceased youths identified as Umesh Bansfor (27) and Lalan Bansfor (30) lived at a slum beside the railway track of Sealdah-Bongaon section near Dum Dum Cantonment railway station. On Wednesday, around 10 pm, they got involved in an altercation over some family issues.

Other residents of the slum tried to stop them but they did not bother to listen to anyone. Umesh picked an iron rod and tried hitting Lalan.

Lalan tried to flee from the spot and started running along the railway track. Umesh also chased him.

After a few minutes, the duo again got involved in a scuffle on the railway track.

While they were busy fighting each other on the Down track, a local train arrived.

Despite the locomotive pilot used loud horn to aware them, Lalan and Umesh kept on assaulting each other.

Some locals tried to warn them and pull Umesh and Lalan from the track, but till then the train hit the duo and went few meters ahead.

After the train stopped, it was seen that Umesh and Lalan got stuck in the cow catcher in front of the train.

They were recovered and rushed to R G Kar Hospital where doctors declared them brought dead.

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