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Two drown, one goes missing after boat capsizes in Ganga

Kolkata: Two youths died after drowning and one went missing after a boat capsized in River Ganga at Mangal Pandey Ghat in Barrackpore on Sunday.

According to the police, On Sunday night six youths went to Mangal Pandey Ghat and stepped aboard an anchored boat. Despite the boatman asking them to move, the youths did not comply and all six of them started consuming alcohol. All of a sudden, one of them untied the rope which was tied on the boat to keep it ashore.

As soon as the rope was untied, the boat went to the middle of the river due to the current. They then tried and failed to take the boat ashore and it capsized after they lost control.

Three of the six youths, identified as Raju Das, Biswanath Bhowmik and Jackie, somehow managed to swim to the shore. Three others, identified as Kamal Ghosh, Bipin Paswan and Amit Balmiki, went missing since the incident.

After Das, Bhowmik and Jackie went on the shore and narrated the incident to the locals, police were informed. Disaster Management Group (DMG) was also called in. However, even after searching for more than two hours, the DMG team could not locate the missing trio.

Meanwhile, police came to know that a youth was seen floating in the water and seemed to appear dead at Rasmani Ghat in Titagarh. Later, police along with the family members of the three missing youths went and identified the body as Paswan's.

On Monday morning, the DMG team found Ghosh's body floating near the Mangal Pandey Ghat. Searches are still on to find Balmiki. Earlier on Sunday night, police had arrested the trio who managed to swim ashore, in order to find out whether there was any foulplay involved in the incident.

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