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Truck drivers launch indefinite strike, press for demands

Kolkata: Demanding implementation of Revision of Safe Axle Weights of Goods Vehicles, the Federation of West Bengal Truck Operators Association (FWBTOA) launched an indefinite strike on Monday.

"Our strike will continue

if our demand is not met. It is difficult for us to say that

for how many days the indefinite strike will continue," said Sajal Ghosh, joint secretary of FWBTOA.

FWBTOA, along with

Posta Goods Transport Operators' Association, protested against harassment of truck drivers on the road by the police, delivery of permit within the scheduled time and illegal citation cases.

Ghosh explained that

truck drivers in other states enjoy the benefits of the Revision of Safe Axle Weights of Goods Vehicles that allows them carry 25 percent more commodities.

This apart, the denomination of third party insurance should also be reduced, Ghosh said.

Due to high maintenance cost and skyrocketing diesel

prices, trucks which were bought by truck owners on loan and EMI

basis from SBI banks have failed to pay their EMI on


The truck owners are shelving their vehicles due to high

maintenance cost.

"We will die unnatural death if the rate of third party insurance keeps on increasing. Today, we have to pay Rs 48,000 per annum for third party insurance. We also want reduction in diesel price," Ghosh said.

The indefinite truck drivers' strike paralyzed the movement of trucks across the


Nearly 30,000 trucks were stranded at the different places across the state.

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