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Transport operators urge Mamata for compensation

Transport operators urge Mamata for compensation

Kolkata: Transport operators on Saturday sought compensation from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee due to no movement of private buses and taxis during the lockdown period to stop Coronavirus spread.

"We urge Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to give Rs 10,000 compensation to all transport sector workers Rs.10, 000 in the present serious crisis period of corona disease. Transport workers have been tremendously affected during 21days lockdown.We welcome her decision to grant Rs 1000 per person to people working in unorganised sector. However, they will get after April 15 and it is very small amount to even a nuclear family of the drivers of taxis and buses. We have talked to the Transport officials over phone and they have assured us that they will look into matter and it convey to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee," said Nawal Kishore Shrivastav, president of Kolkata Taxi Operators' Union.

Those working in the unorganised sector can apply for the scheme between April 15 and 30.

"The bus drivers and conductors get wages on a daily basis. If the buses are off the road then they don't get wages. They will die unnatural death if the lockdown continues beyond April 15, 2020. The cost of maintenance of buses has increased four times and the fare is the same," said Tapan Banerjee, joint secretary of the Joint Council of Bus Syndicate.

He reiterated that the bus owners are facing immense loss because the buses have stopped plying due to the lock down in the country.

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