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Training for non-registered medical practitioners

Kolkata: The Medical Service Centre (MSC), a city-based organisation of doctors has been providing skill development training among the non-registered medical practitioners in the villages in a similar line with the state government in order to make them better equipped to handle patients.

Non-registered medical practitioners cater to a large number of patients in the remote districts where the number of registered medical practitioners is pitiably low.

Bengal government, in the past few years, had taken all the necessary steps to increase medical seats by setting up new medical colleges across the state.

One of the main purposes of the government was to reduce the patient-doctor ratio in the state.

After coming to power, the Mamata Banerjee government also started imparting training among the non-registered medical practitioners so that better treatment can provided to the patients in far off places.

Dr Ansuman Mitra, General Secretary of MSC said there are around 70,000 registered medical practitioners in the state. Around 80 per cent of these doctors are based on cities. The number of non-registered medical practitioners in the state is around 2 lakhs who extend health services mainly in villages.

"The non-registered practitioners were not created by any organizations or the government. They prepared themselves and started treating patients in the remote areas who were earlier deprived of medical treatment," Dr Mitra said.

It may be mentioned here that according to international standard, there should be one MBBS doctor against 1000 people but presently, there is one doctor against 1156 people in the country. As long as there is adequate number of doctors in the state, training must be provided to the non-registered practitioners so that they can treat the patients in a better way in the villages, Dr Mitra stated.

The MSC has been organising training for these medical practitioners for the past three years.

More than 600 such medical practitioners are undergoing training in the third year. More than 2500 non-registered medical practitioners attended workshops in the city from 18-19 November.

The practitioners from each district in the state and also from other states took part in the workshop.

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