TMC to raise ATM fraud case in Parliament today: Mamata

TMC to raise ATM fraud case in Parliament today: Mamata

Kolkata: Expressing her deep concern over the ATM fraud cases recently happening in Kolkata, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stated that she would direct her party's MPs to raise the issue in Parliament on Tuesday.

She also questioned the role of the Finance Ministry in this connection and maintained that it should "seriously inquire" about the matter.

While leaving the state Secretariat, Nabanna, on Monday evening, Banerjee said: "What action is the Finance Ministry taking? It (Finance Ministry) should have seriously probed the incident. Our MPs will be raising the issue in Parliament on Tuesday."

The Chief Minister also mentioned an advertisement that got an immense promotion just after demonetisation of high-value notes was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote the digital transfer of money.

Banerjee also slammed the Centre for its stress on the use of "plastic cards" when there is no bank in several villages in the country. She added: "How can the plastic economy become successful in a country where there is an inadequate number of banks?"

"India is a country of simple people. Here the maximum number of people likes to lead a simple life and most of them are from the unorganised sectors. Hence plastic economy can be successful only if its nitty-gritty is properly known," Banerjee maintained.

The Chief Minister was the first one to criticise the "anti-people" move of the Modi government of demonetising high-value notes and had stated that it would leave an adverse effect on the economy of the country.

A high-level meeting with the top brass of a number of nationalised and private banks and officials of Kolkata Police's Detective department, who have been involved in the probe of the ATM money siphoning case, took place on Monday. A top official from the Reserve Bank of India, who attended the meeting, said that they are working upon fresh guidelines for the banks to prevent such ATM frauds in future.

It may be mentioned that more than 76 cases of unauthorised withdrawal of money from bank accounts after collecting data by skimming ATM cards have come to light in Kolkata recently. Involvement of foreigners has also come up during the probe undertaken by the Kolkata Police that had set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to address the menace.

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