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TMC helps CPI(M) get back office at Kushmandi

TMC helps CPI(M) get back office at Kushmandi

BALURGHAT: Trinamool Congress has set an example by helping CPI(M) to get its party office back in South

Dinajpur's Kushmandi.

According to a local source in Kushmandi, the CPI(M)'s party office remained closed in Aminpur for over a few months due to a fiasco in the recently conducted Panchayat poll.

The party office was captured by unknown persons and it was tough for the local Left leaders to bring it back in their own hands but thanks to Trinamool Congress for coming forward and forgetting

the rivalry. Once upon a time, the entire Kushmandi block was known as 'Left Citadel' but after TMC came to power in 2011, CPI(M) started to lose their support base and many of their activists, workers and supporters joined TMC.

Many of their party offices either remained closed or damaged due to lack of renovation and supervision. Local Left leaders including the acting secretary of Kushmandi block Gurupada Roy, former secretary Shyamal Ghosh, secretary of block Krishak Sabha, Abdul Kafi and DYFI's district president, Darul Islam had earlier taken measures to get it back but failed. Later, with the help of TMC, they finally got the office back. "We have got our office and hoisted the party flag again. After Panchayat poll, we failed to keep it but now everything is back to normal," said CPM's district committee member, Goutam Goswami.

TMC's Kushmandi block president, Rekha Roy said: "It is our tradition to be courteous to opponents and it is natural in a democratic structure. Unfortunately here in Bengal, criticism is always biased and

politically fabricated."

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